A chamber music festival for all musicians

Mountain Springs Music Festival

``Today's Musicians, Tomorrow's Leaders.``

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July 15-19 Waterford School (9502 S 1700 E, Sandy, UT)

Prepare for a transformative week immersed in character building, talent  strengthening, future planning, and immeasurably fun experience! You will remember this week for the rest of your life!

Mountain Springs Music Festival Offerings

Mountain Springs Music Festival offers a variety of packages that fit everyone’s needs and schedule!

Seedling Program

For students ages 5-8 to develop foundational music literacy and musicianship skills. We will explore beat and rhythm, singing and intervals, composition and the staff, and more, utilizing Music Mind Games.

5 days

Sapling Program

For students aged 11 and younger, who need assistance with rehearsals, wanting a fun, non-Classical chamber music experience. Participants in this program will learn a piece from alternative genres, such as film music, Jazz, popular music, folk music, etc.

5 days

Sequoia Program

For students aged 11 and younger, who need assistance with rehearsals, wanting a serious Classical chamber music experience. Includes workshops, masterclass, and recitals. Students who are 8 and younger may replace the workshops with the Seedling program (offered at the same time). 

5 days

Orchard Program

For students aged 12 and above, who are able to rehearse independently, wanting a serious Classical chamber music experience. Includes workshops, masterclass, and recitals.

5 days

Private Lessons

Choose your instructor of preference (not guaranteed) for a 60-minute private lesson during the festival week (online or in-person) or weeks leading up to it (online only). This is a great way to get extra help with your part or overall playing!

30-60 minutes

Save the Date!

Saginaw Summer Music Workshops 2024

June 10-14 (Saginaw, MI)

Mark your calendars for a life-changing week of chamber music, music theory, technique-building. a variety of workshops, performances, friends, and fun!

Opportunities for ALL ages and abilities!

About Us

Mountain Springs Music Inc.

Our mission is to cultivate today’s musicians into tomorrow’s leaders by enhancing the accessibility of high quality music education and performance.

The environment of growth we provide is not limited to musicianship but permeates all facets of young musicians’ lives. We provide opportunities for leadership, communication, teamwork, organization, discipline and creativity. We strive uplift, inspire, and empower our participants through our program.


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MSMF 2022

Faculty Recital

Check out the recording of the Faculty Concert for the Mountain Springs Music Festival 2022, which took place on Thursday, July 21st, 2022 at the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah.

MSMF 2023



What our participants say


"Dr. [MSMF coach]- Thank you for heping me become a better musician over the past week. I've taken the feedback you've given me and incorporated it into my practicing. I really appreiate everything. Thank you!"

Adult Participant

"Dr. [MSMF coach], Thank you for all of your help this week. You have been so kind and patient. I am truly inspired."


"I have had so much fun in this music camp. I have [learned] so much. [My coach was] a great teacher. I loved this whole camp. It was so much fun and such a great experience for me. I hope I can do this next year because it was an amazing opportunity to learn and have fun. I loved playing with other people."


"[My daughter] got this opportunity [attend MSMF] last year and it changed EVERYTHING. She was braver, more mature and understanding and patient. Her technique, work ethic and accountability have strengthened and she has found joy in it!"


"You've been doing so much to make it what it already is and it's fantastic. I'm grateful for all of it."


"This week has been an amazing week and has been so fun! One of the funnest and [best] weeks of the summer! You're the best coach ever!"

Our Team

Meet Our Teachers

We are proud of our highly qualified faculty members, who are passionate about sharing their love for music. Read their impressive bios and learn more about their accomplishments!

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