MSMF 2024

Program Schedule

We are now offering afternoon and all day options to meet the demand for more learning and growth! See what would best fit YOUR needs!

Our Participants'



"Dr. [MSMF coach]- Thank you for heping me become a better musician over the past week. I've taken the feedback you've given me and incorporated it into my practicing. I really appreiate everything. Thank you!"

Adult Participant

"Dr. [MSMF coach], Thank you for all of your help this week. You have been so kind and patient. I am truly inspired."


"I have had so much fun in this music camp. I have [learned] so much. [My coach was] a great teacher. I loved this whole camp. It was so much fun and such a great experience for me. I hope I can do this next year because it was an amazing opportunity to learn and have fun. I loved playing with other people."


"[My daughter] got this opportunity [attend MSMF] last year and it changed EVERYTHING. She was braver, more mature and understanding and patient. Her technique, work ethic and accountability have strengthened and she has found joy in it!"


"You've been doing so much to make it what it already is and it's fantastic. I'm grateful for all of it."

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