Participate in workshops of various music and leadership related topics without the chamber music experience! See below for topics we covered last year.


Workshop descriptions: 

“Baroque Music is Fun!” by Dr. Ka-Wai Yu
Who are your favorite Baroque composers? How much do you know about baroque music beyond Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Handel’s Messiah and J. S. Bach’s A-minor Violin Concerto? With demonstration on both modern and baroque cello, this presentation will discuss the fun of learning about and playing Baroque repertoire! We will 1) explore period instruments, 2) tryout Baroque ornamentation, 3) look at fun stories behind some great Baroque masterpieces, 4) learn a few tips on performing Baroque music, and 5) resources to find out more. Bring your instrument and participate in this fun learning session!

“Injury Prevention” by Ms. Natalie Browning
Playing an instrument requires much of the same physical prowess as a professional athlete – our bodies need to be strong, flexible, and hardy enough to withstand playing for many hours a day. As such, it’s important to realize that we as musicians ARE athletes, and that we need to train and learn how to listen to our bodies. Come and discover a variety of effective methods and exercises for injury prevention, and tools to utilize in case of injury. 

“Resilience and Creativity: Essential Tools for Growth” by Ms. Nicole Pinnell
Resilience and creativity are essential tools in both music and life. In her clinic, Nicole Pinnell will share how nurturing these practices have kept her musical growth on the fast track.  Pinnell’s presentation will include performances of both classical and improvised pieces.

“Conducting 101 and Lessons Learned” by Mr. Kayson Brown
Are you secretly a conductor and just don’t know it yet? Get a crash course in the basics of conducting mechanics and start thinking about your playing in a new way. What makes a good conductor? Those same attributes make for dynamic and effective practice habits and performance psychologies. Plus, it’s pretty difficult to conduct out of tune 🙂

“Making Money in Music” by Dr. Carmen Hall
Have you (or your parents) wondered if you make enough money in music? Yes! You can! We will talk about ways you can make money NOW using your music skills while building your resume and making you a better musician.  We will also talk about all the creative ways the faculty at Mountain Springs Music Festival make money and what you can do in your future. 

“Performance Anxiety” by Dr. Erika Bright
Do you ever get nervous before you perform?  Maybe get butterflies in your stomach, feel anxious, or can’t remember part of your music that you have played 100’s of times before.  Did you know that nerves are really just extra energy and excitement?  Learn how performance is like surfing and gain skills to help you better ride the performance wave!

“Mindful Musicianship: Keeping the Joy in Music” by Ms. Katie Seigfried
Do you love playing your instrument, but hate practicing? Do you have a mixed relationship with your instrument and music? Come learn how to create a more positive mindset around practice and performing. We will talk about ways to center, plan, and assess your practice to make it more efficient and rewarding. You deserve to enjoy making music!

“Music Theory” by Ms. Morgan Smith
Does music theory confuse you? Do you find yourself asking why it even matters or how it relates to your pieces? In this workshop we will go over a few music theory topics including scales and arpeggios, tricks for key signatures and some basic musical forms. We will also discuss how music theory not only connects to but also enhances our playing and why it is important.

“Warming up in a meaningful and effective way” by Dr. Jeremy Starr
Is your warm-up boring, too long or too short, seemingly pointless, or ineffective?  Want to also know the secret to being the best player you can be?  Come join us and obtain the knowledge and skills needed for a life-changing, meaningful but still brief, and effective warm-up!

“Video Game and Film Music: A Link to the Past” by Dr. Jared Starr
Do you sometimes get burnt out with classical music?  Do you find yourself wanting to play something you easily relate with such as music from a favorite movie or video game?  In this workshop, we will explore the origins of film/video game music in classical music and how it can enhance our excitement about classical music. 

“Alternative Style” by Mr. Aaron Ashton
Learn the basics of improvisation in alternative styles by playing rhythm, learning how to back up, to recognize chords, and to play a set of basic chords. Learn the basic techniques of improvisation, such as chopping, shuffling, imitation, and call and response.

“Harmony 101” by Ms. Denisse Vallecillos
What is a chord? What is harmony? How does harmony relate to the melody? For many musicians, lessons on harmony are often neglected in favor of other topics.  However, an understanding of harmony is the foundation for learning how to create your own melodies and even full songs.

“Dissecting Vibrato” by Dr. Yeagi Broadwell
Vibrato is often referred to as the “soul of a note,” yet is one of the most underused and/or misused tools in string playing. In this session, we will talk about different types of vibrato, the mechanics of them all, when to use them, and how to use them to their full potential. We will especially focus on how to practice the arm vibrato in an effective and systematic way.

“Chords & Improvisation for Pianists” by Dr. Armen Sahakyan

“Woodwind Breathing Workshop” by Dr. Erika Bright
Breathing is everything when you play a woodwind instrument!  In this class, we will learn fun exercises that will help you get a better sound and build your confidence as a woodwind player.

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March 10, 2023