Program Description: 

Saginaw Summer Music Workshops is excited to offer this NEW program geared toward younger musicians ready to delve into the world of music-reading and ensemble-playing! Participants will learn foundational music literacy skills in our Music Mind Games class, and develop interpersonal, leadership, and musicianship skills as the group prepares a piece of music for the recital. 

Music Mind Games is an innovative curriculum of interactive games and activities, using fun materials, to teach music literacy in an entertaining, effective, and sequential way. In this week-long program, we will explore foundational musical concepts like beat and rhythm, singing and intervals, composition and the staff, and more. Participants can also build upon previous musical knowledge through concepts presented in engaging ways and applied through fun games and activities. 

In our Beginning Ensemble, participants will have a chance to learn a piece of music, with simple notation, on either their primary instrument or a rhythm instrument that they borrow. They will work together to create a cohesive performance for our Recital on Friday at 12pm. We aim to help young musicians to effectively and positively communicate while playing and teach them to be leaders in their music groups, at schools, and in communities. 

*If your child plays an instrument, please bring it!
**Parents are invited to attend if that will be a better situation for their child.

Recommended age: 5-8
    May or may not play an instrument (Bring it if you do!)
    Little to no music-reading experience

M-F 9:00am-10:35am, Recital on Friday at 12pm (on-site)
$100 + $25 non-refundable registration fee


February 11, 2024