Program Description: 

Saginaw Summer Music Workshops is thrilled to expand our Full Workshop to include Strings, Piano, and Winds/Brass! 

In Chamber Ensembles, musicians learn to more effectively communicate while playing and develop into leaders for their music groups, schools, and communities. Since usually there is no conductor in chamber music, players need to be more proactive about communicating and rehearsing. Chamber Music fosters accountability and creativity and strengthens interpersonal skills and individualism. Participants will perform in a recital Friday at 12pm.

This year, we will be offering multiple music theory/literacy classes and workshops for differing ages and levels. The Music Theory/Literacy classes will build upon participants’ music-reading skills, understanding of music theory, ear-training, and compositional concepts. The Workshops will cover a variety of music-related topics to help participants learn more about the world of music-making, develop technique and musicianship, and consider how the skills they develop in music can contribute to their communities.

Recommended age: 7 – adult
     at least 1 year of experience on their instrument and reading music

M-F 9am-12:30pm
Recital on Friday, June 10 at 12pm (on-site)
$200 + $25 registration fee

*All Full Workshop applicants must provide us with a 1-3 minute video of them playing their instrument. Please select something that displays your skill level. Upload to YouTube as Unlisted and paste the link on the Registration page.


February 12, 2024