Program Description:
Saginaw Summer Music Workshops is excited to offer this NEW program geared toward musically-minded individuals who, whether they play an instrument or not, want to improve their music literacy and skills!

Are you a singer who wants to learn more about music theory and enhance your musicianship? Are you preparing to start an instrument in middle school? Are you a teenager who wants to gain some skills to write your own music? Are you an adult who has always wanted to read music better? Are you a parent who wants to know more about music to help your kids? Good news–this program is for YOU!

This year, we will be offering multiple music theory/literacy classes and workshops for differing ages and levels. The Music Theory/Literacy classes will build upon participants’ music-reading skills, understanding of music theory, ear-training, and compositional concepts. The Workshops will cover a variety of music-related topics to help participants learn more about the world of music-making, develop technique and musicianship, and consider how the skills they develop in music can contribute to their communities.

Recommended age: 8 – adult
some previous music-reading experience

M-F 10:45am-12:30pm
Attend Recital on Friday, 12pm (on-site)

$100 + $25 registration fee



February 12, 2024