SSMW Full Workshop


Saginaw Summer Music Workshops is proud to present a morning full of valuable workshops and experiences to develop skills and enrich the musical lives of our string players! Students participating in the Full Workshop will participate in Leadership Ensemble, Music Mind Games, and daily workshops featuring a variety of musical topics. The week will end with an on-site community performance on Friday, 8/4, at 11:30am.

Music Mind Games is an innovative curriculum of interactive games and activities, using attractive materials, to teach music literacy in a fun, effective, and sequential way. In this week-long program, we will explore foundational musical concepts like beat and rhythm, singing and intervals, composition and the staff, and more. Students can also build upon previous musical knowledge through concepts presented in engaging ways and applied through fun games and activities. We will put together a musical presentation for Friday’s community performance.

The focus of the Leadership String Ensemble is to teach musicians to effectively communicate while playing and to groom them to be leaders in their music groups, at schools, and in communities. Music student musicians often spend too much time learning the notes in front of their eyes and techniques in their hands, and don’t learn how to use music as a tool of communication until they are much older. This workshop focuses on the concept of communication and leadership in music that can be taught early in training.

Daily workshops will feature a variety of topics to help students develop string-playing techniques, musicality, and leadership skills.



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